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Extraction equipment
Wet meal desolventizing
Date:2016-03-03  Author:admin

Wet meal desolventization principle:Thermal method desolventization, it includes desolventization part and meal roasting part.
1.Desolventization part: it mainly uses direct steam(Pressure:0.13-0.2Mpa) to through wet meal layer to touch with heat transfer,makes the solvent increase temprature and evaporates, and discharges out by non-consendate steam, achieves to the desolventization function.
2.Meal toasting part:after desolventization,the meal moisture increases in various degree. It must gets through meal roasting and dehydration part, lowers the moisture to safe moisture or below.

  • Desolventization purpose:

    The wet meal from the extractor contains about 23-45% solvent, it must be through desolventization part. Main purpose includes: 1.collect solvent(remove the moisture at the same time),the solvent residue quantity shall accord to meal standard(500-700mg/L) 2.Achieve to qualified final meal with safety storage moisture(9%-13.5%) 3.Passivate effectively,broken various hazardous substance and antinutritional factors in the meal,improve the meal use value.

  • Wet meal desolventization influence factors:

    1.desolventization process effect: the wet meal has more solvent, the stripping part steam consumption is more, moisture in the meal is more, and non-condensate steam use value is more. 2.Embryo compostion and structure characterisitic effect 3.Solvent compostion and temperature effect; 4.Solvent conditions effect 5.Desolventization technology parameter and operation condition effect.

  • Desolventization equipment:

    Desolventization equipment normally designs the combined system of desolventization and meal toasting.
    DT multi-layer desolventization &Toasting structure and characteristics:Multi-layer(5-9 layers),shallow-layer0.4-1.0m),between the upper two layers,the steam pressure is low, the upper pre-desolventization disc with hole has direct steam function, desolventization:2-4 layers, drying:1-3 layers, rotating speed:24r/min.

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