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Extraction equipment
Paraffin wax recovery system
Date:2016-03-03  Author:admin

Paraffin recovery system: After the final condenser system to exhaust (40 ℃ below), from the bottom into the absorber, and spray down cold oil (25-30 ℃) full contact absorb solvents. Then, the induced draft fan emptying under the negative pressure condition. Rich oil pumped out from the bottom, through the heat exchanger, after heating to desorption tower stripped desolventizing, mixed gas discharged from the upper part of the condensed solvent recovery, liquid wax desolventizing called "lean." From the bottom of the pump and out through the heat exchanger, cooled to below 30 ℃, and then recycled back to the absorber.

  • The main factors affecting the absorption of wax:

    1, pure paraffin oil quality requirements, dry and free of impurities, pollution and the physical, chemical stability;
    2, the operating conditions: free gas temperature <30 ℃; paraffin absorption temperature <40 ℃; desorption temperature> 110-120 ℃;
    3, liquid wax was polluted due to high temperatures or long-term operation of the tower fouling affect the performance of the device. Need to be cleaned regularly, especially the use of fillers parse it every January-February would have to use hot lye (8% -10%) immersion (16-24h).

  • Exhaust freezing condensed solvent recovery operation system:

    1, master the temperature of tail gas condenser best last less than 38℃ to enter the evaporative condenser;
    2, always check whether the failure of expansion valve, ensure no leakage of refrigerant flow stability;
    3, the monitoring of the tail gas outlet temperature, found problems in a timely manner to take corresponding measures, to reach the emission standard;
    4, check the condensate evaporative condenser discharge to a steady flow tank whether maintain liquid seal, so as not to affect the production and turnover tank unicom.

  • Liquid wax absorption exhaust system operating points:

    1, the control of the absorber off-gas inlet and outlet temperature; liquid wax temperature, spray volume; heat exchanger inlet and outlet oil; desorption tower vapor temperature, direct steam pressure changes;
    2, the timely recovery of the absorption liquid discharge, periodic replacement.
    3. If using the induced draft fan absorber to maintain slightly negative pressure, demanding operations to avoid losses caused by flooding;
    4, solvent recovery does not have to be separated individually, to be consistent with the leaching plant.

Add:The crossing of Taian Road and Zhanhuan Road,Zhandian Industrial Zone,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China
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